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Mullaly x Ethik Collab Jersey

Product Description
Mullaly x Ethik Collab Jersey. 
Pullover polyester baseball jersey.
Front chest and back embroidery.
Bottom woven label.
Designed by Brendan Vail.
Sitting next to Yankee Stadium, in The Bronx.  Mullaly Bikepark has now been a home to BMX riders and the community for three decades. Originally started in 1988, the park has gone through a series of changes but always keeping true to the original mission. “To provide a safe space for the youth to be active and creative.”
The park is now maintained by an organization that was formed by the riders to enhance the space and grow it’s outreach. Since it’s inception in 2012, the group of volunteers has managed to turn the park around, up attendance, bring in new riders, and host a number of events both on and of site.

A portion of the proceeds from this collaboration will go to the park to help rebuild, replace and maintain. Thank you for your support.